Download Our Incentive Program - Beginner's Guide

Incentive Program - Beginner's Guide

How many of your employees are engaged in their work?

Gallup defines engaged employees as those who love their job and improve their organizations every day. Even at the world’s best organizations, only 70% of workers feel that way. In the US, the average is 33%. If you’re in charge of morale, on the hook for performance goals, or both, this probably sounds familiar. But short of personal concierges and other Silicon Valley-level perks, what can you do about it?

Inproma’s here to help. Our incentive programs are proven motivators and are especially effective for metrics-driven roles. We focus on incentives, recognition, and rewards, all tied to the specific goals you set. Your people will be more involved, appreciated, and engaged.


  • Employees are motivated to reach specific achievements
  • Employers receive a custom plan to accomplish strategic goals

The key to incentive program success is to offer something for everyone. Employees need motivation to reach specific achievements. These can include call completion rates,
onsite technician callbacks, meeting timeliness, or anything else that affects productivity. Our programs work best with departments that are metric-driven, such as call centers, field operations, and fulfillment.

Similarly, employers need to know that their efforts will produce results quickly, as well as raise the performance bar over time. An incentive program should not only be rewarding for employees but should also show a quantifiable ROI for employers that far exceeds the program’s cost.

Inproma’s incentive programs are designed to satisfy organizations and the people who drive their success. We work with employers to reach the performance metrics they need, by offering employees a chance at rewards that are proven motivators. If you’re focused on other elements that contribute to employee engagement, like health and wellness, we can design programs to produce results in those areas as well.


  • Employees are recognized for their achievements
  • Employers see feedback in real-time and can track program progress

Employee recognition isn’t just a matter of putting up a tote board and tracking point totals. Incentive programs should work as a badge of honor for recipients. Respect and recognition from peers is part of what helps people love their jobs. That’s why our incentive programs include mobile apps and social media elements. Employees can easily recommend colleagues for a job well done.

Incentive programs should create continuous motivation. We create models with recurring recognition, so that your high performers can be multiple winners. You’ll strengthen your organization’s long-term culture while increasing employee engagement.


  • Employees get rewards they’ll want to wear or use. Colleagues ask how they can do the same.
  • Employers see increased morale and retention. In short, they help make Happy Employees, which makes for Happy Customers.

If you’re using a generic points-based reward system, you’re wasting your money. For best results, incentive programs need to be tied to specific goals and offer rewards your people will actually want. Inproma has you covered. Our rewards include brands winners will love and easily access through an online employee store.

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Our custom solutions promote loyalty, increase customer retention, boost employee morale and ultimately achieve your goals. Whether it’s increasing productivity, lowering safety costs, thanking employees for a job well done, years of service, or health and wellness awareness, our programs can help solve your biggest problems. We want your employees to have the job satisfaction and success you need to keep your business running smoothly and successfully.

Getting Started

We help your business succeed by incentivizing, recognizing, and rewarding your valued employees. These incentives will revitalize your brand and build trust among employees and customers.

Let us help instill a sense of pride in your employees and boost your organization’s performance. Inproma provides services nationwide to companies of all sizes. Give us a call and let’s get started!

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